16 novembre 2012 16 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale américaine    « Team OPTUM USA »    a demandé officiellement son affiliation à MPCC.

American continental team « Team USA Optum » formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

« We at Optum Pro Cycling, would like to formally apply for our teams to be a part of the Movement for Cycling Credibility. The recent years have taken a toll on the sport of cycling that we love so much, and we feel that it is the job of the cycling teams within the sport to try to change the path that cycling is heading down. We accept all stipulations of the agreement.

We have always built our team around a zero tolerance stance on doping and do not accept anything that could be seen as an unfair advantage. The MPCC is aligned with our values as a professional cycling team, and for this, we would like to make our formal application to MPCC. »  Charles AARON.


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