20 novembre 2012 20 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale norvégienne « PLUSSBANK » dirigée par Atle KVALSVOLL et soutenue par Thor HUSHOVD a demandé officellement son affiliation à MPCC

Norwegian continental team « PLUSSBANK » directed by Atle KVALSVOLL and supported by Thor HUSHOVD formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

 « Team Plussbank will join the MPCC. 

 The reasons are many, but the team don´t think riders should get there 2nd chance, riders know the risk they take of using doping. Also the damage a positive test making for the sport, we need to change things now. Because of this, we all think that the MPCC is a very good idea.

 If all teams signed up for agreements like this, riders don´t have a chance to find a new team. Already like this, a big problem is already solved. »

 Thor Hushovd

Team Plussbank – Norway.



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