23 novembre 2012 23 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale asiatique « OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team » a demandé officiellement son affiliation à MPCC.

Asian continental team « OCBC Singapore Cycling Team Pro » formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

« We wish to be a part of a movement that is committed to a clean and fair platform for our sport of cycling. A movement of solidarity, governed by members of the professional peloton, the people whom rely on our sport as a livelihood, and whom should have a voice in the actions that affect our ‘rice bowl’; We believe in the early investment to make a difference. Surely, as singular parties, we are less effective than a united one ».

« We accept and agree to adopt all the rules and regulations and to abide by the code of conduct of the M.P.C.C. as detailed in the Internal Regulation 2013 MPCC ». Daniel LOY Team Principal


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