1er Décembre 2012 Demande d’affiliation RABOBANK 1 décembre, 2012

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L’équipe World Tour néerlandaise « RABOBANK Cycling Team » a demandé officiellement son afficliation à MPCC.

Nederland World Tour Team « RABOBANK Cycling Team »  formally requested his afficliation to MPCC.

 « Our team would like to become a member of the MPCC again, because like the MPCC our team strives for credible and fair cycling. We want our riders to compete in a safe and inspiring environment. We already have our own strict anti-doping policy, internal controls and anti-doping rules which meet the rules of the MPCC. We believe we have to stick together with other teams to get leverage and help the world of cycling to be more credible; for young talents, the riders, the organisers and of course the fans. 

We are confident the MPCC together with the members will enforce their own rules at any time with any member team. We think the MPCC, in addition to other governing bodies in cycling, can help cycling to move forward and give the sport a bright future. »  Richard PLUGGE Manager communications Rabobank Cycling Team



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