3 décembre 2012 Demande d’Adhésion LAMPRE-MERIDA 3 décembre, 2012

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L’équipe Italienne World Tour, « LAMPRE – MERIDA » a demandé officiellement son afficliation à MPCC.

Italian World Tour Team « LAMPRE – MERIDA »  formally requested his afficliation to MPCC.

 « By the means of this letter I’d like to attest that CGS Cycling Team is willing to join the philosophy of MPCC and, meanwhile, is ready to make itself available to contribute to the rising of the MOUVEMENT POUR UN CYCLISME CREDIBLE and the enrichment of the values that inspired it.

Who had been involved in doping affairs concerning third parties and, despite himself and unwittingly, personally suffered them, can for sure helping the MOUVEMENT POUR UN CYCLISME CREDIBLE in different ways .

CGS Cycling Team is willing to join the MOUVEMENT POUR UN CYCLISME CREDIBLE.

We’re all at a point of no return. If cycling has not yet become aware of it, it’s necessary to work together trying to push it towards the most suitable direction for obtaining reliability by the mean of clearness. »  Giuseppe SARONNI. Manager General



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