3 décembre 2012 Demande d’affiliation OSTER HUS-RIDLER (Nor) 3 décembre, 2012

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L’équipe Norvégienne Continentale « OSTER HUS-RIDLER » a demandé officiellement son afficliation à MPCC.

Norvegian  Continental team « OSTER HUS-RIDLER »  formally requested his afficliation to MPCC.

  »We have a young team with only Norwegian riders. In 2013 we will be 13 riders. We have staff from Europe,  but they are all persons with good ethics and a strong Antidoping opinion.

 I will attach I file with some info regarding the team and results. In 2012 we only had U23 riders and there is some good talents among my riders. My goal is to make some of these professional riders if they have some passion and the talent to do it. And I think after the last years with stronger Antiodoping rules, the level of Norwegian and clean riders is really  good. There is a hope and I try do give them some oportunitys that I didn’t get myself. I hope you will look positive to our contact and that we can be a member.«   Morten HEGREBERG Team Manager


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