5 Décembre 2012 Adhésion de la Fédération Irlandaise de Cyclisme 5 décembre, 2012

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La Fédération Irlandaise de Cyclisme a décidé lors de son dernier Conseil d’Administration (30.11.2012) d’adhérer à MPCC et d’appliquer les règles proposées.

CYCLING IRELAND (Irish Cycling Féderation) decided at the last Board of Directors (30.11.2012)  to join MPCC and apply the proposed rules.

« The Board of Cycling Ireland at its meeting on 30th November 2012 agreed to apply for affiliation to the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Credible (« MPCC »). In doing so Cycling Ireland agrees to the 2013 Internal Rules of the MPCC and lends its support to anti-doping measures such as:

 The non-selection of riders who have received corticosteroid treatment eight days prior to an event;

 Calling for increased penalties, including a four year ban, for the use of heavy doping products or methods;

 The non-selection of riders on the announcement of a positive test result pending the final outcome;

 Not selecting riders who, following a breach of anti-doping rules, have been suspended for more than six months in the two year period following the suspension;

 Requiring UCI teams registered with Cycling Ireland to affiliate to the MPCC. »

RORY WYLEY, Honorary President,


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