23 novembre 2012 23 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale asiatique « OCBC Singapore Pro Cycling Team » a demandé officiellement son affiliation à MPCC.

Asian continental team « OCBC Singapore Cycling Team Pro » formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

« We wish to be a part of a movement that is committed to a clean and fair platform for our sport of cycling. A movement of solidarity, governed by members of the professional peloton, the people whom rely on our sport as a livelihood, and whom should have a voice in the actions that affect our ‘rice bowl’; We believe in the early investment to make a difference. Surely, as singular parties, we are less effective than a united one ».

« We accept and agree to adopt all the rules and regulations and to abide by the code of conduct of the M.P.C.C. as detailed in the Internal Regulation 2013 MPCC ». Daniel LOY Team Principal

23 novembre 2012

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Les membres MPCC ont validé les nouvelles demandes d’adhésion provisoire des équipes suivantes :

- Continentales :         -    OPTUM (USA)  

                                                -    PLUSSBANK (NOR)

L’adhésion définitive sera votée lors la prochaine assemblée générale de MPCC.


 MPCC members have approved the news request for provisional membership of the following teams:

- Continental:             – OPTUM (USA)

                                             - PLUSSBANK (NOR)


The final membership will be voted on at the next general meeting of MPCC








20 novembre 2012 20 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale norvégienne « PLUSSBANK » dirigée par Atle KVALSVOLL et soutenue par Thor HUSHOVD a demandé officellement son affiliation à MPCC

Norwegian continental team « PLUSSBANK » directed by Atle KVALSVOLL and supported by Thor HUSHOVD formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

 « Team Plussbank will join the MPCC. 

 The reasons are many, but the team don´t think riders should get there 2nd chance, riders know the risk they take of using doping. Also the damage a positive test making for the sport, we need to change things now. Because of this, we all think that the MPCC is a very good idea.

 If all teams signed up for agreements like this, riders don´t have a chance to find a new team. Already like this, a big problem is already solved. »

 Thor Hushovd

Team Plussbank – Norway.


19 novembre 2012 19 novembre, 2012

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Le Comité Directeur de l’Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) a validé les propositions faites par MPCC.

Rappel des propositions faites par MPCC :

-          Ne pas sélectionner en équipe nationale, un coureur suspendu plus de 6 mois, dans les 2 ans suivant la suspension, toutes disciplines et épreuves confondues.

-          Dans le cadre de la santé, mettre en place une surveillance médicale sur l’utilisation des corticoïdes, effondrement de la cortisolémie. (8 jours de repos en cas d’infiltrations de corticoïdes).

 -          Recommander aux équipes de chaque pays, World Tour, Pro Continentales et continentales d’adhérer à MPCC et à son règlement intérieur.

 The Steering Committee of the European Cycling Union (UEC) has approved the proposals made by MPCC.

Reminder of proposals made by MPCC:

- Do not select the national team, a runner suspended for more than 6 months in the 2 years following the suspension, all disciplines and events together.

- In the context of health, to establish a medical monitoring on the use of corticosteroids, cortisol collapse. (8 days rest if corticosteroid injections).

  – Instruct teams in each country, World Tour, Pro Continental and Continental to join MPCC and its rules of procedure.

UEC Management Commitee Meeting – Zurich UEC Management Commitee Meeting - Zurich The UEC Management Committee has discussed about the actual cycling situation.

It took note with interest to the propositions received from the MPCC (Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible) and declare to accept its philosophy and will support it.

The UEC invite the European National Federations to support as well those propositions.

16 novembre 2012 16 novembre, 2012

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L’équipe continentale américaine    « Team OPTUM USA »    a demandé officiellement son affiliation à MPCC.

American continental team « Team USA Optum » formally requested affiliation with MPCC.

« We at Optum Pro Cycling, would like to formally apply for our teams to be a part of the Movement for Cycling Credibility. The recent years have taken a toll on the sport of cycling that we love so much, and we feel that it is the job of the cycling teams within the sport to try to change the path that cycling is heading down. We accept all stipulations of the agreement.

We have always built our team around a zero tolerance stance on doping and do not accept anything that could be seen as an unfair advantage. The MPCC is aligned with our values as a professional cycling team, and for this, we would like to make our formal application to MPCC. »  Charles AARON.


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