15 novembre 2012 15 novembre, 2012

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Les membres MPCC ont validé la demande d’adhésion provisoire des équipes suivantes :

- Pro-continentale :   -   BARDIANI – CSF INOX (Italie)

- Continentales :         -    BIGMAT AUBER 93 (France)  

                                                -    LA POMME MARSEILLE. (France)

L’adhésion définitive sera votée lors la prochaine assemblée générale de MPCC.


MPCC members have approved the request for provisional membership of the following teams:

- Pro-Continental:    – BARDIANI – CSF INOX (Italy)

- Continental:             – BIGMAT AUBER 93 (France)

                                              - LA POMME  MARSEILLE. (France)

The final membership will be voted on at the next general meeting of MPCC

13 Novembre 2012 13 novembre, 2012

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Les équipes suivantes envisagent de rejoindre MPCC.

                 -   Equipe Pro-continentale :  

                                                            -     ACCENT JOBS WANTY (BEL)

                                                            -      BARDIANI VALVOLE – CS INOX  (ITA)

                 -   Equipe Continentale :

                                           -    Team OPTUM  (USA)

                                           -   ROUBAIX LILLE METROPOLE (FRA)

 The following teams are considering joining MPCC.

                  – Pro-continental team:

                                                             – ACCENT JOBS WANTY (BEL)

                                                             – BARDIANI VALVOLE – CS SS (ITA)

                  – Continental Team:

                                            – Team Optum (USA)

                                            – Roubaix Lille Metropole (FRA)

6 Novembre 2012 7 novembre, 2012

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MPCC a demandé officiellement à l’Union Européenne de Cyclisme (UEC) :

             -    de ne pas sélectionner en équipe nationale, un coureur suspendu plus de 6 mois, dans les 2 ans suivant la suspension, toutes disciplines et épreuves confondues.

             -    et de mettre en place une surveillance et une règlementation médicale sur l’utilisation des corticoïdes.


MPCC has formally asked the European Cycling Union (UEC)

              – Not to select the national team, a runner suspended for more than 6 months in the 2 years following the suspension, all disciplines and events together.

              – And put in place a monitoring and medical regulations on the use of corticosteroids.

PRESS RELEASE 30 0ctobre 2012 30 octobre, 2012

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        26 October 2012

After all the revelations of recent weeks and their consequences, it is essential that managers, teams and sponsors make decisions strong and credible in the context of the fight against doping, to give an image uncompromising combat this scourge.
In 1998, it was proposed that the first code of ethics that has been rejected by some teams.

14 years later nothing has changed because some managers do not want that to change.

MPCC « MOTION FOR CYCLING CREDIBLE » was created in 2007, as some teams do not respect the basic rules.

It aims to establish ethical standards of conduct and the teams WORLD TOUR, PRO CONTINENTAL CONTINENTAL-based and voluntary.

In fact certain provisions obvious to some, may not be included in an international regulation, such as:
- Do not run a runner from the positive results of the first analysis
- Do not engage runner who had a positive suspension of more than six months (except in cases related to a fault location …) during the two years following the suspension.
- Do not make intra-articular injection of corticosteroids without stopping competition of 8 days.
- Perform internal procedures from the first positive case in the team.
- Practicing self-suspension for several positive cases in the last 12 months.
- Etc …

Proposals will be made:

At the AMA:
- To increase the penalties on the first offense,
- To return to regulation corticosteroids.
- To prohibit athletes suspended more than 6 months to participate in the World Championships and Olympic Games

- To recognize MPCC as an interlocutor in the context of anti-doping.

- To put in place a mechanism to not engage teams that do not meet the basic rules of ethics.

This code of conduct MPCC, more restrictive than the rules of WADA and the UCI is an indispensable complement to all international regulations.

The code of conduct has been met MPCC formally since 2008 by teams MPCC.

The mode of MPCC is based on trust and transparency. The manager of the team concerned by a rider positive due to all teams MPCC decisions, which must be in compliance with the rules.

When the bike is looking real credibility to its sponsors, to the press and to the public, it is important that as many teams show their determination to fight against doping, credibility and image.

MPCC received the formal support of the UCI, the AIOC Corporation and Tour de France.

Managers and sponsors professional teams have the duty and the power to say no to doping.

MPCC provides an opportunity for all to clearly display its willingness to restore confidence in adhering fully to our movement.

Help us …

Eleven teams are now members of MPCC:
AG2R La Mondiale
GARMIN Sharp                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      IAM Cycling
Lotto Belisol


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INTERNAL REGULATION 2013 dans REGLEMENT INTERNE 2013 thats-enough_cyan_rvb3-150x114INTERNAL RULES
Team members MPCC

 2 013

Movement for Credible Cycling


This internal regulation is done on a voluntary basis.

Become members of MPCC members after approval of managers, teams World Tour, Pro Continental and Continental upon their request.

Member teams « MPCC » undertake to:

1    When decisions, respecting the need for a 51% majority of the team members « MPCC »

2    Observe contracts and riders to take particular cognizance at the UCI deadlines for contract riders to not solicit a runner under contract with another team.

3    Take responsibility to immediately remove a test runner receiving the first communication of the positive control.

4    Request to the President of the UCI Pro Tour enter the Licence Commission in case of non compliance with the Code of Conduct by a team WORLD TOUR.

5    teams say they do not engage MPCC runners involved in business
doping, and were punished more than 6 months by the international body « (excluding penalties for no-show and / or information not AMA), within 2 years after the suspension.

6    teams undertake to integrate in contracts agreement runners for DNA research, at the first request of the employer.

7    The teams undertake now to be included in contracts runners, they may be prosecuted in the courts to obtain damages for damage to the image of the team.

8    Any person punishable by a sports authority or court for acts constituting a violation of the image of cycling and its partners (doping, use and / or trafficking of prohibited products, …) may be sued in the courts by « MPCC « to obtain damages.

 9 :  MEDICAL:

UAT must be validated by the physician in charge of the team

Local infiltration of corticosteroids must be validated by the physician in charge of the team, which prescribe mandatory minimum of eight days off work and competition.

In the case of cortisol collapsed, the comeback will at least after 8 days of rest, subject to normal blood.

The team members inform the MPCC from the knowledge of a positive control sample A.

To avoid the same day, two UCI blood control and MPCC (cortoslémie only), the following provisions shall apply:
- Case 1: all UCI team is controlled, there is no control MPCC
- Case 2: If the partial control of the UCI, the MPCC will only control the other riders involved.


In the event that a team member « MPCC » is facing several cases of positive or incapacity imposed on its competitors, the team agrees to temporarily suspend its activity (to implement any corrective action that it deems appropriate).

Principles of self suspension:
- All teams must be stopped
- No abandonment of the team during the World Tour events.

      CASE 1

In the last 12 months (date controls authentic)

Two positive doping tests and / or blood tests abnormal (excluding penalties for no-show and / or information not AMA).

AUTO SUSPENSION-Team 8 days from the knowledge of the second control.

The car suspension begins on the 1st day of the race calendar next World Tour, with the exception of the 3 Grand Tours.

     CASE 2

In the last 24 months (date controls authentic)

3 positifs1 anti-doping controls and / or blood tests anormaux2 (excluding penalties for no-show and / or information not AMA).

AUTO SUSPENSION team of four weeks from the knowledge of the third control.

The car suspension begins on the 1st day of the race calendar next World Tour including whether it is a Grand Tour.


For any positive doping control, blood test abnormal, various problems:
- Explanations of manager / team manager, owner of the license at the next meeting of MPCC.

- Teams MPCC members to vote on the explanations made by the team concerned.

For involvement of a senior member (general manager / director, athletic director, assistant athletic director and medical officer) in a doping case (facts):
- Summoned before the Board « MPCC » the general manager / manager team « MPCC » concerned.

- Teams MPCC members to vote on the explanations made by the team concerned.


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