Press Release 2 Mars 2012 30 octobre, 2012

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Press release
2 Mars 2012

The Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) met in Roissy (CDG)

MPCC membership records of the Australian team UCI Pro Team « GREEN EDGE ».

In addition, the MPCC confirms the application of its Code of Ethics, more stringent than the World Anti-Doping Code, which applies to everyone, especially with the use of corticosteroids box and non-commitment on the trials of runners are awaiting a disciplinary decision to doping.

MPCC in 2012 will continue to be verified by an independent expert cortisol of its riders.

Suites with the latest decisions in matters of sanctions, MPCC will ask international study the possibility of creating a supranational structure to judge at first instance the high level, to:
- To replace the national federations that do not apply the same sanctions for the same offense
- To all sports at the same level in terms of punishment for the same fault
- And speed up procedures.

To date, are members of the MPCC, the following teams:

- AG2R La Mondiale
- COFIDIS Crédit par téléphone
- GREEN EDGE Cycling Team


Press Release 19 October 2011 29 octobre, 2012

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Press release in October 19th, 2011

On 17/10/2011, the MPCC held his annual general assembly.

This meeting was the opportunity for the Movement to realize the actions led during the season:
- Respect for the internal regulation of the MPCC,  In particular the defense of the image of our sport, Stop of every runner requiring an infiltration
- Realization of three controls of cortisolémie: in the 4 days of the Dunkerque, to the Dauphiné Libéré and at the end of Tour de France 2011.

An independent expert, doctor Armand MEGRET, noticed the complete respect for these rules by the runners of the concerned teams.

Besides, the MPCC confirmed the application of its Ethical Code, stricter than the anti-doping World Code, which imposes upon all, with in particular the usage corticoids. MPCC will ask the authorities to add the cortisolémie during the sampling of blood.

As confirms it the recent international publications on this particular subject, doping and dangerous effect for the health in case of cortisolémie collapsed, MPCC will continue in 2012 to verify by an independent expert the cortisolémie of his runners.

This meeting also was the opportunity  for the Movement to elect his new office :

- Chair(Preside): Roger LEGEAY
- Vice-president: Iwan SPEKENBRINK
- Treasurer: Vincent LAVENU
- Secretary: Franck TRAJBER
- Members: Eric BOYER, Jean-René BERNAUDEAU, Emanuel Hubert, Marc MADIOT, Jonathan VAUGHTERS.

To date, are members of the MPCC, the following teams:

- AG2R The World



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9 June 2011

The Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) met Thursday, June 9, 2011 in MACON.

On the occasion of the Dauphine Libere, teams MPCC members took stock to 4 weeks of the Tour de France.
MPCC noted the decisions taken by the UCI, including:
- Prohibit the use of injections
- To put to rest 48 hours every rider who received an injection of gluco-corticosteroids. (MPCC apply this provision for 4 years with 8 days off)
MPCC continues, with an independent expert, and unexpectedly, to check his cortisol riders during competition, to ensure that this rule is applied.
- Validate the request to increase – to 4 – suspension for running positive for heavy products.
- To study, for assessment teams, a penalty for those riders who have positive (proposed MPCC)
- To continue to target suspicious riders at the controls.
MPCC wants to be reinstated CODE OF CONDUCT UCIPROTEAM  that had been adopted and signed by all teams from 1 January 2005.

In addition to its rules, teams MPCC members have re-signed so far this CODE OF CONDUCT and address to the UCI.

Following the repeat business that pollute our sport and to the need for credibility, teams and their sponsors, organizers need to align the trials riders who are not subject to disciplinary proceedings.
This specific request is made ​​to the UCI and the AIOC.


PRESS RELEASE 10 Mars 2011

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Press Release
10 MARS 2011

The Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) met Friday, March 4, 2011 at Roissy Charles de Gaulle.

This meeting was an opportunity for the MPCC to take stock at the beginning of the season, on its internal regulations and proposals for actions to be undertaken in 2011.

Following the recent doping scandals UNPARDONABLE that cycling has seen lately, including recurrence of severe Riccardo Ricco, the MPCC staff members:

- Request to systematically increase the penalties for rule infractions anti-doping, including 4 years to bring to the length of suspension for doping products found in « heavy » (taking EPO, hormones growth, transfusions, etc.).

- Propose to apply to the UCI, as part of the evaluation of sports teams, a penalty points for teams that experienced during the year one or more cases of positive riders in their squad, and that these runners do not mark more points for 2 years if you are employed after their suspension.

- Welcome and support the steps initiated by the UCI on limiting the use of injections under the care of athletes and coaching in the use of steroids (resting rider who received systematic infiltration).

As such, members of the MPCC consecutively to point out that many international medical publications showing a stimulating effect and dangerous to health of taking corticosteroids (cortisol in case of collapse), they were precursors to the subject, using place within their respective teams for 4 years already a verification protocol of cortisol of their riders during competition, with up to 8 days of rest for all injections of corticosteroids.

To date, are members of the MPCC, the following teams:

- AG2R La Mondiale



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